Supply Chain Management in Construction

Supply Chain Management in Construction

Supply chains can be complicated. That’s why we have designed our Supply Chain Management (SCM) services to help cater to your logistics complexities. Our local team along with our global expertise provides you with a strong supply chain backbone that will help you focus on your business while we strive to exceed your expectations. The SCM services broad range of value-added capabilities can help achieve your business objectives with reliability, speed, agility, resilience, cost efficiencies and sustainability.

Our expert supply chain teams can handle your logistics process, allowing you more time to concentrate on your core business. We bond different organizations involved from the point where the supplier procures the raw material until the point the client receives the product, on the different activities and processes that produce value in the form of products and services for the final client.

At Badun Tech, products and services offered by us in the construction industry may account for approximately 80% of the project cost. These resources are often made to order or unique to each project with limited scope for repetition. We can help in the efficient management of how and when these products and services are procured while improving the overall quality, functionality, and profitability of a project.

We (Badun Tech) supply and manage the following building/construction items for our esteemed clients:

  • Ladder and Scaffolding
  • Cement
  • Doors (Steel, Stainless steel, Armored, Flush, Panel, Turkish, Israeli, Chinese, Metal gate, wooden)
  • Aluminum window
  • Blocks
  • Earthwork (granite, sharp, soft sand, sharp sand filling, laterite filling and quarry dust filling)
  • Timberwork (softwood, hardwood, and plywood)
  • Roofing (Aluminum, Swiss stoned-coated, fiber britment and etc)
  • Floor finishes (HD wooden, 3D, marble, SPC, polished granite, vitrified, royal palate, mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, granite, Italian, Chinese and Spanish)
  • Ceiling finishes (PVC ceiling strips, POP Preformed ceiling board, POP cast in place, ORAC POP cornices and Acoustics Suspended ceiling)
  • Paints (Wood finish, Matt paint, Dulux, Eagle, Berger, and Portland)
  • Plumbing materials (Fittings and Pipes)
  • Electrical materials (fitting, wires, and distribution board)
  • European glass block
  • Road Paving (bone, puzzle, cube, rectangle, diamond and Kolo)
  • Resources (Labor)